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Qube Open

17 Sep Exodus detail Andrew Howe

An open art exhibition at the Qube gallery in Oswestry opened on Friday and runs until 7th November 2016.  The theme is Migration.

One of my works was selected.  Its an oil painting triptych that I painted a few years ago, before migration from Syria and various other countries across Africa and the Middle East became such headline news.

Exodus Andrew Howe

“Exodus”, oil on canvas, Andrew Howe

This painting is slightly adrift from my current research themes, although it fits in with my interest in walking,  It has never been shown before, and this seemed like an ideal opportunity to release it from my store cupboard into the world.

When I originally approached the painting I was aiming for a representation of how everyone has their own individual life journey.  Walking is the primary means by which humans establish their spatial understanding of their place on the Earth, and the need to explore is a natural instinct. It is a universal human experience to leave the familiar to venture into the unknown.  This might be a result of hostile, sometimes violent, circumstances, or by volition and curiosity.  The unknown may be a physical, intellectual or psychological territory.

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