Andrew Howe is a visual artist based in Shrewsbury.  My practice stems from walking and includes painting, photography, digital media and books.  I am interested in how people interact with places.

This journal includes some of my thoughts and development process for ongoing visual arts projects.

I often focus on rhythms, transition and connections in situations that are time-related. Layers and montage are central to this work.  I investigate the relations between time and space, and tensions between control and liberty, geometry and chaos, organic and human-made.

Recent work was inspired by experiences in the business park and the surrounding edgelands of Shrewsbury.  Paintings reflect a view that shifts from everyday details to the wider landscape and its emotional affect.

Understanding situations and taking in the view takes time.  What we need to do is slow down, stop even, look around, breathe in and live in the present.  And keep doing that until we notice our surroundings, and learn to love them again. 

See my website for further details and examples of my work:   www.andrew-howe.com .



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